Thursday, 8 December 2011

The best Yet

4 weeks ago Andy Collins approached me in a pub telling me that he needed to lose weight and get fit. If i'm honest I took it with a pinch of salt but I got in touch that Monday anyway to see if he meant it.
We met the next day to discuss a healthy eating plan and started training 2 days later. My initial guess was that he would start seeing changes after 6 weeks but it turns out I underestimated him.
 So, here we are, 6 sessions and 3 weeks into the training and he has already lost 10lbs, His waistline has dropped by 1.8 inches, and his arms and chest are an inch bigger. This is what can be achieved by not cutting down on food, but eating the right food and being totally self disciplined.
We are also working very hard to improve his strength after a series of injuries. When playing football Andy suffered a bad break in his right leg, keeping him from exercising for a year. Since then he has also struggled with back problems from work, with a disc problem that cause referred pain into his backside and legs, and weakness in the left leg. To combat this I am working hard on glute and leg strength, and strengthening his core to support the bad back.
So far Andy has seen the pain in his back disappear and we are also starting to see good improvement in the strength of his leg.
Sessions will be ongoing, so congratulations to Andy for a great start, but we are nowhere near finished yet.

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