Thursday, 17 November 2011

The truth about carbs

It is a common misconception that the only way we can get a bit of energy is to eat a big bowl of pasta/rice, a loaf of bread, or something very sugary. To a certain degree this is the case, if you were running a marathon, you would need to load up on some carbs in the days leading up to the event,  have decent breakfast which would include some of these 'carbs', and probably have some sweeties en route to make it to the end.
However, if you are trying to lose a little weight, eating bowls full of pasta followed by a sugary snack would certainly not help to achieve this. I expect that  many of us who are trying to lose a little around the middle have tried the 'no carb' or atkins diet, which is fine in principle, but is not healthy over the long term, and I believe, not sustainable.
The key to any diet is VEGETABLES. Contrary to human belief, the human body can use vegetables for energy, but the energy is a little harder to get to. This means that the energy is released more slowly over a longer period of time, and can be used more efficiently, therefore not being stored as fat. Vegetables also have the added bonus of being full of vitamins and nutrients, which will improve skin, hair and general well being.
When we eat white pasta/bread etc, the energy (sugar) is released in one hit, and if the body is not active enough to use it, it will  be stored  as fat. In brown rice/bread/ pasta the energy will be released a little more slowly, but the gluten and wheat can have an inflammatory response on the body, which we won't go into right now.
To conclude here are a few points to keep the fat off
-Ideally have a big breakfast, medium lunch and a small dinner with mid morning and mid afternoon healthy snack (vegetables can be involved in all of these meals and fruit/nuts can be used as snacks)
-Avoid the bread/pasta etc after 5pm and fill yourself up with veg, as much as you like (within reason)
-Eat natural. We have descended from cavemen, living on meat, veg and natural products, you can't expect your body to deal with additives/preservatives/e numbers (and everything else they seem to cram into processed food) effectively

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