Friday, 21 October 2011


Big congratulations to my big sister Caroline for losing 3kgs in weight and one and a half inches from her waist. Caroline has been training with me for 4 weeks and as well as training hard, she has been very dedicated to eating and drinking healthily, and has now reaped the rewards.
Caroline also has some pain in her knees due to weak VMO muscle, and in the past has struggled with running long distances, so as well as losing some body fat we are also working to combat this.
We still have 4 weeks until she travels to Thailand and in that time we are planning to lose another half a stone and strengthen those knees, so keep an eye on the blog to see how she goes.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Legs are a girls best friend

So leading on from the last blog, hopefully you girls will now realise that a little weight training will go a long way to fat loss and body tone.
So where should girls in particular focus the weight training...? As you may have already guessed the answer is in the title.
 Compared to men, women have much less muscle in their upper body, so when lifting weights, would be expected to lift a lot less weight in comparison to their body weight. For example, at their peak, a man would be expected to bench press 110-120% of their body weight or more, but in ladies, I would expect them to be able to bench press around 50-70% of theirs.
In the lower body however, the percentages are much more similar. In both cases, both should be able to squat around one and a half times their body weight, so what does this mean..?
It means that in women, a larger percentage of muscle is carried in the lower body, and the muscles themselves are much larger and stronger, meaning training these muscles will
1. Burn more calories when training.
2. Need more calories to repair them in the days following.
3.Strengthen the knees (which will be looked into in more detail at a later date)

So in summary, training the legs is a much more efficient fat burner than training the upper body. It would be best to leave the 'bingo wing' training until after the legs have had a good going over.